Anastat Subscription and Database Construction

Anastat is Africa’s Premier Intelligent Information and Data Platform. It houses thousands of carefully-structured economic, financial, corporate and academic datasets and resources.

ADSR has employed a refined methodology in data aggregation that involved several years of painstaking collection, entry, cleaning, storage and management of data and information contained in Anastat.

There are four (4) major gateways to the Anastat resources, namely; Anastat Data Platform (ADP), Anastat Visual Data (AVD), Anastat Mobile Professional (AMP) and Anastat Virtual Library (AVL).

  • - ADP contains macroeconomic, industrial, companies and households’ data of many entities and years arranged into spreadsheets.
  • - AVD is an online dashboard that provides customisable visualisation of data for the analysis of trends, patterns and their comparisons.
  • - AMP is a mobile App that gives instant access to current information and statistics on key indicators selected from each of the databases in ADP.
  • - AVL contains electronic copies of companies' annual and quarterly reports, documents of government agencies, books, survey questionnaires and other research resources.

Anastat can be accessed through Pre-registered subscription (affiliated users) and Pay-per-use (independent users) channels. Also, the knowledge and success recorded in building Anastat is leveraged to provide additional database services to our clients

The Products under our Anastat and Database Subscription Service are listed below:

  • • Anastat Data Platform and Library
  • • On-Site Database Construction
  • • Off-Site Database Construction
  • • Document Archiving Services
  • • Computer Files Arrangement

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