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DFID Story

An International Development Organization based in the United Kingdom responsible for administering overseas aid for the promotion of sustainable development and the elimination of world poverty contacted us to commission a study into the impact of cement import restriction in Nigeria. After preliminary focus group meetings, we proceeded to analyze comprehensively the context, operation modalities and implementation issues of the import restriction policy and inclusive of a qualification of the total economic benefits and cost of protection. The project report was successfully presented to organized private sector, at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry and subsequently to the Minister of Trade and Investment.

Ph.D Leeds story

A Doctoral Candidate from Nigeria studying in the University of Leeds UK wanted direction and advisory in carrying out his doctoral thesis. He contacted us on the need to develop a bespoke answer to a research question that was going to form the basis of his research into the role of ownership on firms’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Nigeria. We decided after several discussions with members of the internal project team to utilize primary source of data gathering. As such, data on firm ownership, board structure and CSR expenditure of firms listed on the Nigerian stock exchange from our ANASTAT database. Using Static panel data regression technique, Two-stage least square and Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR), the data was analyzed and interpreted.The candidate went ahead to successfully defended his doctoral thesis and was proud to cite our contribution in his dissertation work.

CBN Story

A front line monetary policy body for Africa’s largest economy wanted a study into the identification of the different measures of financial inclusion for the purpose of strengthening its National Financial Inclusion Strategy .We held internal focus group discussions, arranged for meetings with the key directors of the bank’s policy formulation unit and crafted a methodology to measure the degree of financial inclusion vis –a-vis the application of the different strengthening measures.Cases studies of Financial Inclusion in several peer countries were also done and the project report was delivered with a presentation at a seminar for finance correspondence and business editors in Abia State, Nigeria.

African Development Bank Story

A continental supranational involved in spurring sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries required us to commission a study into the role of Bank Financing in the coordination of its Aids –for-trade (AFT) programmes in the African region. This was as part of the global review of the Aids for Trade in Geneva, Switzerland (July 2011). Our project team carried out a detailed analysis of Africa’s trade performance, the structure, composition and trend of the Bank’s AFT as well as the impact and effectiveness of its AfT on Africa’s export growth and diversification based on the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness Principles. Our report included illustrative case studies that showed the drivers of results obtained from the empirical analysis.

International Trade Centre Story

A top-tier supranational tasked with fostering trade and development globally appointed us as its national consultants to a study that would support the Ministry of Trade and Investment with the implementation of Nigeria’s negotiations of the trade facilitation agreement (TFA) with the World Trade Organization (WTO) members. We set up our project teams to identify and analyze the gaps between the existing practices and the TFA requirements using primary and secondary data from the border agencies service users and other key stakeholders. We thereafter crafted project objectives, expected impacts and strategy on the actions required for implementation, localization and sustainability of the processes. The project report was submitted to the organization and a letter of commendation for a study excellently executed was sent to us.

Advocacy Job for Women story

A German–based foundation that works with civil society and government partners, policy shapers and gender activists to inspire public debates on the development options available to frontier countries collaborated with a women-based advocacy group to commission a study into gender ranking of political candidates with an aim to advocate for increased women participation in politics. We were commissioned to study the level of women participation in states, geopolitical zones, and political parties and identify the causative factors in the participation disparity. Our project team produced a report that recommended measures to increase the participation of women into public life and national legislatures.

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