Data Processing and Analytics

ADSR specialises in collecting and analysing data to draw hidden insights aimed at supporting decision making at the levels of businesses, academics and governments.

We conduct survey designs, data collection and analysis using valid and reliable survey instrument and methods that are most suitable for achieving the objectives of our clients.

In addition, we employ various descriptive analytics to critically examine the past as well as predictive analytics to identify patterns in historical data and forecast the future. Our prescriptive analytics are further used to suggest optimal decisions under probable scenarios.

The Products under our Data Processing and Analytics Service are listed below:

  • • Descriptive Analytics
  • • Basic Predictive Analytics
  • • Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • • Complex Predictive Analytics
  • • Infographics and Dashboard Designs
  • • Survey Design and Analysis
  • • Research Designs
  • • Academic Research Advisory
  • • Economics/Mathematical Analysis
  • • Financial Analysis
  • • Health/Medical Analysis
  • • Statistical/Econometric Applications

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