Economic Advisory

We provide our clients with required intelligence, scenarios and recommendations for making meaningful and strategic economic decisions. Our products include a comprehensive analysis of the global economy, an overview of the African economy vis-a-vis the positioning of the Nigerian Economy.

We dissect each sector by their GDP contributions and analyse the effect of the prevailing monetary, fiscal and other policies on the clients’ business and interests. We conclude by making execution-ready recommendations.

Based on our access to rich and diverse data on the economy, and our knowledge about the history of Nigerian economic policy space, we also provide data forecasting service which includes trending economic data and policies to make deductions about where the economy could be headed.

The Products under our Economic Advisory Service are listed below:

  • Macroeconomic Monitoring and Advisory
    Employing robust macroeconomic information in making strategic business and policy decisions
  • Macroeconomic Forecasts
    Medium to long-term forecasts of the macro-economy with which businesses and policymakers can plan
  • Economic Indicators and Proxies
    Gauging where the economy is headed in the short term and obtain independent views on official statistics
  • Political Risk Monitor
    Capturing the extent that political changes and decisions may affect business and economic stability
  • Government Budget Impact
    Measuring and taking advantage of the impact of government budget on the economy, specific sectors and businesses
  • Securities Market Analysis
    Insights into the securities and portfolios prices, returns, valuation and forecasts
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Analysis
    Promoting scientific measurement of ESG initiatives and adoption of international best practices among corporations
  • Presentation and Aid
    Supporting public speakers on economic and financial issues with relevant facts and figures to strengthen their arguments and views
  • Speech writing
    Aiding executives and public speakers with evidence-based speeches to be delivered at events covering socio-economic and financial issues
  • Lectures Aid
    Providing real-life data and illustrations as inputs into teaching materials of lecturers and facilitators
  • Research Advisory
    To set-up and support the economic and financial research units of organisations
  • Economist/Financial Analysts Hiring Programme
    Equipping young graduates with knowledge and tools required by practitioners and policymakers and open them up to relevant contacts and opportunities
  • Structure and trends of Nigeria’s real sector
    Detailed analysis of the structure and trends of Nigeria’s real sector using actual Nigerian data

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