Analysts Data Services and Resources (ADSR) is a Data and Research Company in the vanguard of transforming the way data is seen, stored, used and delivered on the African continent. As an academic authority, ADSR is a partner of choice to postgraduate candidates for dissertation advisory. As an advisor, ADSR works with corporates, governments and supranationals to deliver data and intelligence support that cuts through complex decision making issues thus unearthing intrinsic value in a way that builds public confidence. ADSR is fixated on altering the perception of data and accentuating the place of intelligence in order to fuel growth and development across the African continent.

  • What would the GDP read in 10 years: Data can show but Intelligent Data can tell
  • Never underestimate the power of Intelligent data
  • History always repeats itself.. because History is Data.. in story form
  • We make Data intelligent
  • Information is value neutral.. Its what you make of it
  • "Facts are stubborn things"- John Adams
  • We are powering African growth and development through the force of Data
  • The Data Equation: Data+ Data= Information; Data * Thinking = Information
  • Data|Information|Intelligence
  • I am Data but I am Intelligent; I am Intelligent because I mix Data
  • Data makes the world go round
  • Data is everything.. Everything is Data